Timeless History in Lexington, Kentucky

Lighting a Space Properly

Buying a light for a space that's appropriate for the room does require a little consideration regarding how much existing light enters the room from windows and how much light a chandelier or other hanging light might provide. There are some considerations as far as the height of the ceiling and the overall size of the room. A light that hangs too low might not light the overall space appropriately while  a light that hangs too high might look a little too small in the space.  Find chandelier lighting online that offers all the illumination required for any space and which will offer an immensely beautiful lighted result.

Regular Inspections of the Basement

Various areas of the home do require regular inspections, and the basement is definitely an area not to be missed. There are a few different types of issues that may occur in the basement over time, such as settling of the foundation or the appearance of water seepage through the concrete, and by working with StayDry Basement Waterproofing Inc a homeowner will be able to ensure that his house isn't forming any issues that could turn into huge problems down the line. If a basement isn't in good condition and something like a flood happens, the basement could be irreparably damaged.

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A Storybook Inn, Lexington, KY

If you’re looking to step back in time to a place that oozes southern hospitality, then The Storybook Inn in Lexington, KY is the perfect place for you. This bed and breakfast was built back in the 1830′s, and successfully combines old-world charm, impeccable design, and classic graciousness to make all guests feel welcome. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and retreat to the classic wonder of The Storybook Inn in Central Kentucky.

Guests who have frequented the inn in the past have been able to “escape” the real world behind the old brick wall of this quaint, English courtyard. Thanks to the gorgeous private venue, guests are able to be pampered and catered to in an unobtrusive way.

Walk into the glorious 50-foot glass Conservatory where breakfast is served every morning after a restful night in one of the elegant suites of this inn. This Conservatory, resembling an English Orangery, provides guests with the perfect opportunity to gather for meals, for an afternoon tea, or just to sit back and relax.

Not to be blindly categorized as the typical “bed and breakfast”, The Storybook Inn strives to stand out. Even Royalty feels welcome and at home here. This place is elegant, without feeling stuffy, and the incredible decor and gracious hospitality are not to be outdone. Staff here simply enjoy catering to each guest, and look forward to making every patron feel as though they were the only ones there.

The private suites are some of the best in the world, each telling its own story with classically appointed themes. In 2010, the inn went through an extreme makeover in order to maintain the comfort level of all guests who visit. Architects were able to modernize the structures of the inn, while preserving the historic and original charm of its initial building.

What you have left is a place that truly lives up to its name – a real storybook ending to the perfect trip.

About Lexington, KY

Also known as the “Horse Capital of the World”, Lexington was traditionally dominated by the horse industry, which is where the pseudo-name came from. Getting into Lexington, KY will take you through breathtaking Thoroughbred horse farms, providing visitors entering the area with a beautiful view to capture, whether traveling by car or plane. The famous blue horse, Big Lex, is displayed for all to see in the downtown piazza known as “Victorian Square”. This is a wonderful spot for locals and tourists alike to gather and marvel at the wondrous sights of the city.

The downtown core is compact and picturesque, with historic neighbourhoods surrounding this district. The Bluegrass region of Kentucky encompasses Lexington, with the Festival of the Bluegrass taking place annually on the second weekend of July. This wonderful outdoor music festival is home to both Bluegrass legends and newgrass musicians alike. Visitors can enjoy live music, great food, fun activities and awesome shopping at this family-friendly event.

Founded back in 1775, Lexington was so named after a successful battle of the American Revolution. By 1820, Lexington became one of the most famous and wealthiest towns west of the Allegheny Mountains. The city soon attained the nickname, “Athens of the West”, thanks to its incredible culture and lifestyle.

While staying at The Storybook Inn, make your way to these nearby attractions to soak up all that Lexington has to offer.

Thriving Local Business in Lexington – Good Foods Market & CafĂ©

Lexington is home to a number of thriving local businesses, catering to both local residents and tourists alike. One such popular local business is Good Foods Market & Cafe. This locally owned and operated business welcomes patrons to both shop and hang out. Since 1972, Good Foods Market & Cafe has been serving its neighbourhood and surrounding communities. It now occupies over 12,000 square feet of retail space, which is a great improvement from its modest days as a buying club in a garage.

Offering patrons a variety of services, this market and cafe is a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs, as well as a place to relax and unwind with friends. Patrons can pick up a variety of groceries, including foods and products catering to the health-conscious. For this reason, many people consider this place somewhat of a health food store, with all its organic and natural products offered.

Good Foods is proud to support local farmers and suppliers, keeping both the customers and the local economy healthy. After you’ve done your grocery shopping, grab a seat and enjoy some local fare from salads, sandwiches, sushi, espresso, and even a juice bar. While visiting Lexington, KY, be sure to make a visit to Good Foods Market & Cafe to see what all the fuss is about!

Historic Inn in Famous Niagara Falls, NY: The Red Coach Inn

Upgrading the Tiles in a Home

Refurbishing a home these days is often a lot of fun and people who are interested in updating their home on their own will often look to the floors within the home to do so. There are a number of projects that can be handled with only a minor level of research by a home owner who isn't otherwise a home contractor and installing something like beautiful travertine pavers or other stonework options is often a terrific way to enhance the look of the space into which they are going to be installed along with also being a great enhancement to the value of the home as well.

Overpowering Lights and Well Designed Lights

One of the issues that some companies have is the fact that they have designed visual accompaniments to their sales shelves that look totally out of place with the general optical displays that need a subtler lighting scheme and because the idea that "more is better" has influenced the lighting scheme, it's become difficult to properly display the frames because they are blown out by the over-enthusiastic lighting. For anyone who might be looking at how they would best operate with standard lighting displays, getting a designer and using Eco-Lite Products for such options is usually best lest over-lighting occur.

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The Red Coach Inn, Niagara Falls, NY

If you’re looking for luxury accommodations that provide you with easy access to one of the Natural Wonders of the World, then the Red Coach Inn in Niagara Falls, NY is the perfect location. Featuring luxury amenities and historical decor, this inn can absolutely rival any other area hotel. The history of this inn alone is enough to keep any guests intrigued and interested.

The actual architecture of the Red Coach Inn is actually modeled after the Old Bell Inn in Finedon, England, which features old-town and antique-type features and designs. This historical structure built on a historical site takes you back in time to a sophisticated era of Old World England with the inn’s distinctive English Tudor exterior and warm country ambiance within the inn itself.

The Red Coach Inn has been inviting guests from all over since 1923, making this inn one of the oldest and most historic inns in the area. It is conveniently located just 500 yards from the edge of Niagara Falls, and inn overlooks the the amazing Upper Rapids of the Niagara River, providing guests with incredible views and an amazing experience.

Packages are abundant at this historic inn, including tour packages, dinner packages, and romantic packages for newlyweds or those who are just looking for a romantic getaway with their significant other. Banquet facilities are also offered for those looking to host their wedding, or simply for business meetings and conferences. The accommodations mimic that of a lodging experience to bring the outdoors in.

About Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls is an amazing spot that millions of tourists visit each and every year. In fact, Niagara Falls is well known to be the Honeymoon Capital, with newlyweds visiting this stunning and romantic spot on a regular basis. The scene of the falls themselves is a spectacular sight, which is obviously the main reason for its tourist attraction. Not only can you get a glimpse of the three-quarter of a million gallons of water pouring over the river’s edge every second just by standing at the gates, you can get different views through a helicopter tour hovering above, or even a close-up look from a trek on the Maid of the Mist, which takes you seemingly right at the base of the falls.

Niagara Falls is a bustling place, and boasts busy times all throughout the year. The falls are lit up at night to provide an amazing spectacle for all to catch as the glimmer reflects off the waters of the falls. There are tons of attractions aside from the Falls themselves, and provide just as much of a tourist attraction as the falls do. There are a plethora of restaurants, night clubs, amusement rides, museums, arcades, shops and other things to see and do after visiting one of the Natural Wonders of the World.

Just across the border on the Canadian side lies the Canadian Falls, which are just as spectacular. Stemming from the falls is Clifton Hill, which is riddled with amusement, eateries and shops to keep you busy without having to travel a great deal. The Canadian side of the Falls boasts the World’s Smallest Chapel, the Brock Monument, as well as Niagara-On-The-Lake, a quaint town with old-world architecture.

Wine on Third, Wine Bar in Niagara Falls, NY

When you’re staying at a quaint inn in Niagara Falls, you’ll obviously be in the mood to try local bars or eateries that serve up local fare. Considering Niagara Region boasts some of the best wines in the continent, you shouldn’t leave without sampling a glass or two of a Niagara Region wine. Wine on Third is an upscale restaurant and wine bar that serves delicious American cuisine with over 80 different wines to choose from. You’ll be able to enjoy your wine and food in an elegant atmosphere while being served by knowledgeable and friendly staff. The selection is amazing, so there’s absolutely no shortage of choices. Wine on Third was featured in the Buffalo Spree magazine, and was given the Distinguished Wine & Restaurant Award in 2010.

Explore Niagara Falls, NY like you’ve never seen it before by staying in a quaint B&B and experiencing all that this fabulous city has to offer!

Luxury and Tropics at a B&B in the Florida Keys

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Atlantis House, Key West, FL

As if the Florida Keys weren’t gorgeous enough, the Atlantis House bed and breakfast makes your stay here even more fabulous. As the name suggests, the Atlantis house exudes a feel of an ancient town, mythical in nature, surrounded by crystal clear waters with fabulous landscapes in the not-too-far distance. Surround yourself with happiness and harmony at the Atlantis House in Key West.

This is the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity, with only 2 rooms featured at this bed and breakfast. The exotic retreat boasts the Master Suite and the Garden Suite, both offering incredible comfort, luxury and tranquility. This truly is a little jewel tucked away in a tropical garden that is literally just steps from the vast waters. It is located on “Atlantic Boulevard” – rightly named for it’s position on the Atlantic Ocean – and is the realized vision of owners Capt. Steve and Kayla Kessler. They not only operate this b&b, they also designed, built and currently maintain the property.

Steve and Kayla surely know how to keep their guests happy and entertained. Not only will you have the luxury to enjoy both the grounds and its surroundings, you’ll also be taken snorkelling and even have dinner prepared for you from your very own fresh water catch by these owners.

If that doesn’t sell this inn in the edge of the ocean, then perhaps a list of awards that the Atlantis House has been given over the last few years will convince you. The Mayors Committee awarded the Atlantis House as the cleanest and greenest business in Key West. In 2011 and 2012, it was award the “Top 10 in the United States” from BedandBreakfast.com. Recommendedinns.com put this inn in the “Top 10 In Florida”, and from 2009 to 2012, it was awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” From TripAdvisor Business.

Discover the Keys in Florida like never before with luxurious accommodations at the Atlantis House in Key West.

About Key West, FL

Key West is the southernmost point of the United States, and boasts tropical weather that attracts millions of tourists every year. Considering its location, climate and amenities, the lys are the perfect place for water sports, diving, fishing and beach vacations. As a popular tourist site, the nightlife is quite lively, and the historic sites scattered throughout this southern tip of Florida attracts many visitors.

For those looking for lively entertainment, Duval Street is the perfect spot. It boasts a line of shops, bars, eateries and cafes. One of the more popular places to hang out is Sloppy Joe’s, a favourite of famous novelist Ernest Hemingway. For those who are more into the artistic side, there is the famous Ernest Hemingway Home and museum to discover.

Walking tours are one of the best ways top truly discover what Key West has to offer. Take a scenic stroll along the famous palm-lined streets and marvel at the glorious mansions and tin-roof conch houses. Many tours are offered to those interested in checking out the city’s courtyards, lush gardens and historic architecture. This architecture dates back to the Kings of Spain, which can explain the Spanish style buildings that are adorned throughout the Keys.

In addition to walking tours, feel free to choose other methods of transportation to see the city, including pedi-cabs, tour trains, trolleys and even bicycles.

Only in Key West does the sun actually shine brightest when it sets. In fact, the Sunset Celebration on the Mallory Dock is an activity that everyone gathers for to marvel at such a sight.

Once the sun sets, a whole different city comes alive. Streets are lined with all sorts of entertainment, including jugglers, mimes and musicians to give the city a new beat to move to. Key West is an absolute must see, and is a vacate spot that you need to add to your bucket list, if it’s not on there already!

A Popular Local Business in Key West – The Green Parrot

As lively as Key West is once the sun sets, it’s only fitting that a popular business that local and tourists alike enjoy visiting is The Green Parrot restaurant and bar. So popular is this bar that it has been featured in many magazines as one of the best bars in the U.S.

The Green Parrot actually has a rich history. It was a place for the Navy to hang out, as well as for fisherman to unwind. Jim Bean and his wife Linda bought The Green Parrot in 1983, and the place has been a staple of the community ever since. For 20 years now, the is place has become a beloved place for locals and tourists to hang out, enjoy the scenery, and just hang out with friends, old and new. Jim and Linda developed a deep love for their rowdy saloon, filled with fun and boisterous clientele that makes every visit a fun and exciting one. There’s no shortage of entertainment and music here, with acts performing on stage on specific nights, and music from jukeboxes swirling about. After you’ve enjoyed your meal, grab a game of pool with your buddies, or simply sit back and listen to the laughter fill the room.

John Vagnoni and Pat Croce eventually took over The Green Parrot in 2011, and inherited a place scull of spirit. Visitors of all walks of life gather at The Green Parrot for a good meal, or just to come together to enjoy each other;’s company in a happy and up-beat setting. This place is more than just a bar – it’s an icon for Key West.

A Little Taste of Old Town in South Carolina

Comfortable Pets and Moving

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Choosing Features in a Home

When searching for the perfect family home, it's important to consider what amenities aren't negotiable in a purchase and what amenities might simply be nice to have. When searching through the listings for Rossmoor houses for sale, considerations of price versus the amount of amenities offered along with issues such as location will guide whether a family might decide to make a purchase or not. Things such as good schools, an updated kitchen, and a quiet street are often some of the items regularly wanted by people interested in a great family home that's in a great area.

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The Columns Bed & Breakfast, Dillon, SC

South Carolina is a state with a lot of historic richness and intricate architecture, so it’s no wonder that there is a constant influx of tourists into this state and all it’s counties day in and day out. A great way to experience parts of South Carolina is to spend a few days in a quaint and authentic southern U.S. bed & breakfast like The Columns in Dillon, SC. Designed in Greek Revival style back in 1903, this quaint little spot elicits true southern hospitality with the perfect blend of romance, nature and magestry.

This home was restored from its original structure, with the final product resembling something of an Antebellum architecture. This bygone era is perfectly captured with the rebuild and redesign of The Columns B&B, with a captivating interior unlike no other. You’ll be greeted with an old-school music hall, lavish parlours reminiscent of the 19th century, as well as a myriad of period details, such as stone fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, and even old-time sliding pocket doors.

As if the common areas of the inn weren’t extravagant enough, each room is just as breathtaking. You’ll have the option to choose from either a suite or a chamber, each offering something unique from the other. The inn’s 5 beautiful guest rooms feature amenities such as antique furniture and artifacts, tasteful tapestry and fireplaces. Each room has been restored to meet modern standards, and have all been updated with features that mimic that of the 19th century period, but provide the convenience of today’s standards.

Each guest will be able to enjoy a delicious breakfast every morning in the tastefully decorated dining room, draped in fine linens and lined with fine china and silver. You’ll also have the opportunity to relax and unwind on the columned veranda boasting comfortable rocking chairs common of that era.

If a little southern charm is what you’re after on you’re next vacation, treat yourself to a few nights at The Columns Bed & Breakfast in Dillon, SC.

About Dillon, SC

Dillon Country in South Carolina has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a tourist, a long time resident, or just someone passing through on your way to another destination.

Dillon has a rich history, named after James W. Dillon, an Irishman who settled here back in 1910 and founded by this settler. Mr. Dillon was the pioneer in getting the railroad into Dillon, making it easy and convenient for people to come in and out of the county, mainly for employment reasons. The Wilson Short Cut Railroad brought increased development into this country after many years of isolation.

There are plenty of points of interests in Dillon, including the well-known Dillon Marriage Chapel that sees over 7,000 marriages every year. Considering the quaint and picturesque settings surrounding Dillon, it’s no wonder that this spot is popular for wedding vows.

A number of museums and structures in Dillon are listed on the Natural Register of Historical Places, providing tourists with plenty of history to marvel at. It’s home to the Little Pee Dee State Park, an 835 acre area perfect for those who love to hike, camp, picnic and fish. Visitors to Dillon can also take advantage of hunting opportunities, as well as golf at any one of its immaculately manicured golf courses.

Dillon is actually one of the most famous traveler stops on the I-95, providing road-trippers with the perfect place to grab some food, do some sight-seeing, take an overnight rest, then head back on the road to their ultimate destination.

Thriving Business in Dillon, SC – King’s Famous Pizza

Anyone spending a number of days or weeks in Dillon, or simply passing through, will no doubt come across King’s Famous Pizza, whether just by whisper or by actually tasting a slice. For over 20 years, King’s Famous Pizza has been a hang-out for both locals and tourists alike, bringing a little Mediterranean flair to an otherwise southern flavor. It’s inevitable that anytime you pass through the county of Dillon, you’ve just got to stop at this joint for a good old fashioned slice of homemade pizza.

Despite the name, King’s Famous Pizza doesn’t just serve up pizzas – it’s also famous for it’s wings, subs and chicken parmesan. Not your typical fast-food joint, this place is a breath of fresh air to typical eateries that are crammed with people and low in positive ambiance. On the contrary – King’s Famous Pizza encompasses both great food, fantastic service, and an old-world charm indicative of the county it’s situated in.

King’s Famous Pizza is definitely one of the county’s best kept little secrets.

Enjoying Old World Charm at The Pitcher Inn, Warren, Vermont

Taking Advantage of Real Estate

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Better Vegetable Growth

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Simple Flooring Options

When a home owner wants to have a good option for his or her flooring, it's a good idea to look at the range of different flooring methods that exist and should the floor be outside somewhere such as in a garage, there are many more options that open up. A very simple floor option is using special http://www.armorgarage.com/ floor paint that has been designed for a garage atmosphere. The ability to cover the floor with a thin covering of paint usually ensures that the overall cleanup processes required to keep the area clean are a lot simpler.

Elements of Wedding Planning and a Great Location

There are an amazing number of weddings planned each year in the Tri-state area, and it's not uncommon for the details of planning a wedding to seem overwhelming.  The elements of a traditional Jewish wedding are often something that people want to include in their celebration, but sometimes it takes time to decide upon which elements are going to be appropriate for a modern gathering and which details might be best left in the history books. A wedding is a very personal experience, and it usually requires a lot of decisions on form and function from its participants.

Carpets that Need Replacing

One of the fastest ways to age a carpet is to forget to vacuum it on a regular basis, and it's important to consider that a carpet that needs replacing is probably going to be expensive. Sometimes OneRestore will be able to make the carpet look good again, but with too much damage or lack of vacuuming and care, a homeowner definitely risks having to have the carpet replaced, and this is never something that's inexpensive to obtain. Most carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week and it's also important to make sure that the carpet is professionally cleaned a few times a year.

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pitcher innThe Pitcher Inn, Warren, Vermont

The charming bed and breakfast is a classic American getaway, perfect for romantic trips and family vacations alike. Instead of the typical hotel, a bed and breakfast provides a much greater feeling of home for all visitors, making the experience as quaint as possible. One of the best rated bed and breakfasts in the U.S. is The Pitcher Inn, located in the serene town of Warren, Vermont. This is one of the state’s most expensive inns – yet most luxurious and refined – set in a timeless backdrop of Warren, VT. The 19th century home was ruined by a fire back in 1993, and as such, was completely rebuilt in its classic style. While the architecture and design of the rebuild reflects modern tastes, the original feel and theme of the inn still has remnants of its original. Architects kept true to the original Old Vermont style with each re-built room of the inn, thereby keeping its whimsy and classic aura.

All 11 rooms have been gracefully designed to include both a sense of old-world style as well as pitcher innsomewhat of a sense of humour. Each room has it’s own unique style and theme. For example, the “Mallard Room” features a carved goose on the ceiling which is attached to a weathervane on the roof. The “Trout Room” features oars, a deck overlooking a lovely stream, and a fireplace of river stones to capture the theme of being on a riverside campground. The “Ski Room” features vintage trail maps and a lift-ticket booth. Many pieces of handmade furniture adorn this quaint inn, and encompasses the feel and history of the entire town of Warren.

pitcher innAll rooms have jacuzzis, and most feature a fireplace and steam showers for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Those staying at The Pitcher Inn are able to take advantage of a full-country breakfast included in the room rate. The inn also features an in-house restaurant that serves up delectable burgers and draught beer, while patrons can relax with a game of pool.

About Warren, Vermont

The town of Warren, VT represents the epitome of small-town charm, as it sits amongst luxurious trees of the almost 400,000-acre Green Mountain National Forest. Situated at the south end of the Mad River Valley, Warren is a small, quaint town housing approximately 1,700 residents. This town is known for it’s gorgeous countryside settings, its beautiful natural features, and its historic village centre, where The Pitcher Inn is located. The primary land uses in this town are for agriculture and large-lot residences, making this place the perfect spot to escape to for a vacation, short or long.

Thriving Businesses in Warren and Surrounding Townswarren

Warren boasts the site of the famous SugarBush Ski Resort, famous for its popularity among Hollywood actors and the Kennedy family in its early days. So famous was this ski resort among these elite that it was given the nickname “Mascara Mountain”.

The ski resort opened in the 50′s, and have since expanded its facilities to include 111 ski runs with 16 lifts to accommodate guests. This resort is visited by thousands of skiers and snowboarders every year, providing them with a picturesque view as they glide down the mountainside. Considering all the visitors that arrive in this town to take advantage of this thriving attraction, Warren is equipped with many inns and bed and breakfasts to accommodate all its tourists.

sugarbushAnother major business in the area is the infamous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Since the 1970′s, Ben & Jerry’s has been a staple in this area, and have been famous for their commitment to peace and the health of the environment. Sugarbush Ski Resort is happy to share the spotlight with this great ice cream company, with their Vermont factory located closely in Waterbury. In addition to delicious ice cream flavours, Ben & Jerry’s also offers tours and events almost on a daily basis!

For a wonderfully fun and relaxing getaway, check out The Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont!