A Little Taste of Old Town in South Carolina

May - 25 2013

The Columns Bed & Breakfast, Dillon, SC

South Carolina is a state with a lot of historic richness and intricate architecture, so it’s no wonder that there is a constant influx of tourists into this state and all it’s counties day in and day out. A great way to experience parts of South Carolina is to spend a few days in a quaint and authentic southern U.S. bed & breakfast like The Columns in Dillon, SC. Designed in Greek Revival style back in 1903, this quaint little spot elicits true southern hospitality with the perfect blend of romance, nature and magestry.

This home was restored from its original structure, with the final product resembling something of an Antebellum architecture. This bygone era is perfectly captured with the rebuild and redesign of The Columns B&B, with a captivating interior unlike no other. You’ll be greeted with an old-school music hall, lavish parlours reminiscent of the 19th century, as well as a myriad of period details, such as stone fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, and even old-time sliding pocket doors.

As if the common areas of the inn weren’t extravagant enough, each room is just as breathtaking. You’ll have the option to choose from either a suite or a chamber, each offering something unique from the other. The inn’s 5 beautiful guest rooms feature amenities such as antique furniture and artifacts, tasteful tapestry and fireplaces. Each room has been restored to meet modern standards, and have all been updated with features that mimic that of the 19th century period, but provide the convenience of today’s standards.

Each guest will be able to enjoy a delicious breakfast every morning in the tastefully decorated dining room, draped in fine linens and lined with fine china and silver. You’ll also have the opportunity to relax and unwind on the columned veranda boasting comfortable rocking chairs common of that era.

If a little southern charm is what you’re after on you’re next vacation, treat yourself to a few nights at The Columns Bed & Breakfast in Dillon, SC.

About Dillon, SC

Dillon Country in South Carolina has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a tourist, a long time resident, or just someone passing through on your way to another destination.

Dillon has a rich history, named after James W. Dillon, an Irishman who settled here back in 1910 and founded by this settler. Mr. Dillon was the pioneer in getting the railroad into Dillon, making it easy and convenient for people to come in and out of the county, mainly for employment reasons. The Wilson Short Cut Railroad brought increased development into this country after many years of isolation.

There are plenty of points of interests in Dillon, including the well-known Dillon Marriage Chapel that sees over 7,000 marriages every year. Considering the quaint and picturesque settings surrounding Dillon, it’s no wonder that this spot is popular for wedding vows.

A number of museums and structures in Dillon are listed on the Natural Register of Historical Places, providing tourists with plenty of history to marvel at. It’s home to the Little Pee Dee State Park, an 835 acre area perfect for those who love to hike, camp, picnic and fish. Visitors to Dillon can also take advantage of hunting opportunities, as well as golf at any one of its immaculately manicured golf courses.

Dillon is actually one of the most famous traveler stops on the I-95, providing road-trippers with the perfect place to grab some food, do some sight-seeing, take an overnight rest, then head back on the road to their ultimate destination.

Thriving Business in Dillon, SC – King’s Famous Pizza

Anyone spending a number of days or weeks in Dillon, or simply passing through, will no doubt come across King’s Famous Pizza, whether just by whisper or by actually tasting a slice. For over 20 years, King’s Famous Pizza has been a hang-out for both locals and tourists alike, bringing a little Mediterranean flair to an otherwise southern flavor. It’s inevitable that anytime you pass through the county of Dillon, you’ve just got to stop at this joint for a good old fashioned slice of homemade pizza.

Despite the name, King’s Famous Pizza doesn’t just serve up pizzas – it’s also famous for it’s wings, subs and chicken parmesan. Not your typical fast-food joint, this place is a breath of fresh air to typical eateries that are crammed with people and low in positive ambiance. On the contrary – King’s Famous Pizza encompasses both great food, fantastic service, and an old-world charm indicative of the county it’s situated in.

King’s Famous Pizza is definitely one of the county’s best kept little secrets.

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