Enjoying Old World Charm at The Pitcher Inn, Warren, Vermont

May - 24 2013

pitcher innThe Pitcher Inn, Warren, Vermont

The charming bed and breakfast is a classic American getaway, perfect for romantic trips and family vacations alike. Instead of the typical hotel, a bed and breakfast provides a much greater feeling of home for all visitors, making the experience as quaint as possible. One of the best rated bed and breakfasts in the U.S. is The Pitcher Inn, located in the serene town of Warren, Vermont. This is one of the state’s most expensive inns – yet most luxurious and refined – set in a timeless backdrop of Warren, VT. The 19th century home was ruined by a fire back in 1993, and as such, was completely rebuilt in its classic style. While the architecture and design of the rebuild reflects modern tastes, the original feel and theme of the inn still has remnants of its original. Architects kept true to the original Old Vermont style with each re-built room of the inn, thereby keeping its whimsy and classic aura.

All 11 rooms have been gracefully designed to include both a sense of old-world style as well as pitcher innsomewhat of a sense of humour. Each room has it’s own unique style and theme. For example, the “Mallard Room” features a carved goose on the ceiling which is attached to a weathervane on the roof. The “Trout Room” features oars, a deck overlooking a lovely stream, and a fireplace of river stones to capture the theme of being on a riverside campground. The “Ski Room” features vintage trail maps and a lift-ticket booth. Many pieces of handmade furniture adorn this quaint inn, and encompasses the feel and history of the entire town of Warren.

pitcher innAll rooms have jacuzzis, and most feature a fireplace and steam showers for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Those staying at The Pitcher Inn are able to take advantage of a full-country breakfast included in the room rate. The inn also features an in-house restaurant that serves up delectable burgers and draught beer, while patrons can relax with a game of pool.

About Warren, Vermont

The town of Warren, VT represents the epitome of small-town charm, as it sits amongst luxurious trees of the almost 400,000-acre Green Mountain National Forest. Situated at the south end of the Mad River Valley, Warren is a small, quaint town housing approximately 1,700 residents. This town is known for it’s gorgeous countryside settings, its beautiful natural features, and its historic village centre, where The Pitcher Inn is located. The primary land uses in this town are for agriculture and large-lot residences, making this place the perfect spot to escape to for a vacation, short or long.

Thriving Businesses in Warren and Surrounding Townswarren

Warren boasts the site of the famous SugarBush Ski Resort, famous for its popularity among Hollywood actors and the Kennedy family in its early days. So famous was this ski resort among these elite that it was given the nickname “Mascara Mountain”.

The ski resort opened in the 50′s, and have since expanded its facilities to include 111 ski runs with 16 lifts to accommodate guests. This resort is visited by thousands of skiers and snowboarders every year, providing them with a picturesque view as they glide down the mountainside. Considering all the visitors that arrive in this town to take advantage of this thriving attraction, Warren is equipped with many inns and bed and breakfasts to accommodate all its tourists.

sugarbushAnother major business in the area is the infamous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Since the 1970′s, Ben & Jerry’s has been a staple in this area, and have been famous for their commitment to peace and the health of the environment. Sugarbush Ski Resort is happy to share the spotlight with this great ice cream company, with their Vermont factory located closely in Waterbury. In addition to delicious ice cream flavours, Ben & Jerry’s also offers tours and events almost on a daily basis!

For a wonderfully fun and relaxing getaway, check out The Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont!

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