Historic Inn in Famous Niagara Falls, NY: The Red Coach Inn

May - 25 2013

The Red Coach Inn, Niagara Falls, NY

If you’re looking for luxury accommodations that provide you with easy access to one of the Natural Wonders of the World, then the Red Coach Inn in Niagara Falls, NY is the perfect location. Featuring luxury amenities and historical decor, this inn can absolutely rival any other area hotel. The history of this inn alone is enough to keep any guests intrigued and interested.

The actual architecture of the Red Coach Inn is actually modeled after the Old Bell Inn in Finedon, England, which features old-town and antique-type features and designs. This historical structure built on a historical site takes you back in time to a sophisticated era of Old World England with the inn’s distinctive English Tudor exterior and warm country ambiance within the inn itself.

The Red Coach Inn has been inviting guests from all over since 1923, making this inn one of the oldest and most historic inns in the area. It is conveniently located just 500 yards from the edge of Niagara Falls, and inn overlooks the the amazing Upper Rapids of the Niagara River, providing guests with incredible views and an amazing experience.

Packages are abundant at this historic inn, including tour packages, dinner packages, and romantic packages for newlyweds or those who are just looking for a romantic getaway with their significant other. Banquet facilities are also offered for those looking to host their wedding, or simply for business meetings and conferences. The accommodations mimic that of a lodging experience to bring the outdoors in.

About Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls is an amazing spot that millions of tourists visit each and every year. In fact, Niagara Falls is well known to be the Honeymoon Capital, with newlyweds visiting this stunning and romantic spot on a regular basis. The scene of the falls themselves is a spectacular sight, which is obviously the main reason for its tourist attraction. Not only can you get a glimpse of the three-quarter of a million gallons of water pouring over the river’s edge every second just by standing at the gates, you can get different views through a helicopter tour hovering above, or even a close-up look from a trek on the Maid of the Mist, which takes you seemingly right at the base of the falls.

Niagara Falls is a bustling place, and boasts busy times all throughout the year. The falls are lit up at night to provide an amazing spectacle for all to catch as the glimmer reflects off the waters of the falls. There are tons of attractions aside from the Falls themselves, and provide just as much of a tourist attraction as the falls do. There are a plethora of restaurants, night clubs, amusement rides, museums, arcades, shops and other things to see and do after visiting one of the Natural Wonders of the World.

Just across the border on the Canadian side lies the Canadian Falls, which are just as spectacular. Stemming from the falls is Clifton Hill, which is riddled with amusement, eateries and shops to keep you busy without having to travel a great deal. The Canadian side of the Falls boasts the World’s Smallest Chapel, the Brock Monument, as well as Niagara-On-The-Lake, a quaint town with old-world architecture.

Wine on Third, Wine Bar in Niagara Falls, NY

When you’re staying at a quaint inn in Niagara Falls, you’ll obviously be in the mood to try local bars or eateries that serve up local fare. Considering Niagara Region boasts some of the best wines in the continent, you shouldn’t leave without sampling a glass or two of a Niagara Region wine. Wine on Third is an upscale restaurant and wine bar that serves delicious American cuisine with over 80 different wines to choose from. You’ll be able to enjoy your wine and food in an elegant atmosphere while being served by knowledgeable and friendly staff. The selection is amazing, so there’s absolutely no shortage of choices. Wine on Third was featured in the Buffalo Spree magazine, and was given the Distinguished Wine & Restaurant Award in 2010.

Explore Niagara Falls, NY like you’ve never seen it before by staying in a quaint B&B and experiencing all that this fabulous city has to offer!

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