Hotel Vacation Selfies 101 – How to do it right

Taking selfies or simply pictures of a scenic view or monument is something that everyone does when they go on vacation. Many people, however, tend to stumble into issues when they are taking pictures, particularly when they are taking a selfie. There are many obstacles that can interrupt the process of taking the selfie you want which can mean all the difference between a mediocre selfie and a great shot. Eventually, you might run into such problems as depth or whether you should add a filter or not. Here are some helpful hints to allow you to take the best pictures of yourself wherever you travel.

1. Vary Your Background

When you find yourself in a city where the main attraction is a single monument, find other points of interests that you can take a selfie at. It’s important to have a variation of different monuments and scenic views in order to make your selfies unique and therefore able to stand out more. For instance, if you find yourself in Paris, the first instinct that many people get is to take a selfie in front of the Eifel Tower. There is nothing wrong with taking a selfie with the majestic Eifel Tower present in the background, but the fact is that mostly everyone there will be doing the same thing and you can take selfies in front of other monuments as well. If you want to add a touch of distinctiveness and enthusiasm to your pictures, thoroughly explore the city you are in. In Paris, you’ll find other interesting points of interests like the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile, Louvre Museum and the Sacré-Cœur. It’s up to you to find different monuments or places that will make your selfies more varied and exciting.

2. Use Natural Light

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the best way to take a selfie is under artificial lighting, when in reality, natural light is a better source for taking selfies. Unless you are a professional photographer with a professional camera, it’s better to let the sunlight illuminate the lens of your phone or camera so that you’ll get the best exposure and definition and thus a clearer selfie. Make sure you are standing in front of the sun with your phone/camera towards you for the best results, otherwise there won’t be enough natural light in you selfie.

3. Use a Tripod

One of the main causes that can make you take a bad selfie is lack of stability. When you are positioning your camera and are ready to take a shot of yourself and an enticing background like a scenic landscape or a monument, getting the perfect shot can be difficult. This is mainly because you might struggle to keep your camera steady while you’re trying to get everything you want in that one shot. Using a tripod will allow for a steady shot but you won’t be able to look directly at the viewfinder while the picture is taken. A good solution to this is to ask someone to snap the picture for you or you can also set a timer. Another trick is if your camera is compatible with your phone you can sync them together and use your phone as a remote control where you can view exactly how the picture is going to turn out.

4. Don’t Use a Filter

Many people feel that using a filter such as those that have sepia tones will be sufficient to be able to take a good selfie. The truth is once you filter your pictures that is the end of the line in terms of having the ability to further mess around with it. Whereas if you take a normal picture, you can edit it in the future with the filters and effects that you want. So before you add that filter, remember that you will most likely be stuck with it without the option to change it anymore.

5. Don’t take nudes, Leave That For Snapchat

Many people confuse hotel selfies with standard Snapchat selfies. Hotel selfies are a unique type of photo that requiere many variables to be just right. People tend to forget that taking selfies is an art that is completely different than standard naked Snapchat selfies. Snapchat nudes selfies are different because they are meant to be highly edited with the use of filters. The Snapchat app is also used for nudes selfies because the photos disappear after a few seconds. Hotel selfies are all about position and lighting, and quality, so don’t get those two confused.

6. Use a GoPro

Taking a selfie with your phone is ideal, and many people make that choice when traveling. However, in order to get a selfie that will look professional or capture the exact image of an adventurous moment, you’ll need to get a GoPro camera. They are extremely useful for people that are mostly on the move when they are taking their selfies. So if you are thinking of taking pictures while you’re vacationing and biking on bumpy hill, surfing on clear blue waters, rafting, or the like, GoPro is the solution. You can use it while strapped to you or your body gear so you can get that HD steady shot while you are in rapid motion.

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