Luxury and Tropics at a B&B in the Florida Keys

May - 25 2013

Atlantis House, Key West, FL

As if the Florida Keys weren’t gorgeous enough, the Atlantis House bed and breakfast makes your stay here even more fabulous. As the name suggests, the Atlantis house exudes a feel of an ancient town, mythical in nature, surrounded by crystal clear waters with fabulous landscapes in the not-too-far distance. Surround yourself with happiness and harmony at the Atlantis House in Key West.

This is the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity, with only 2 rooms featured at this bed and breakfast. The exotic retreat boasts the Master Suite and the Garden Suite, both offering incredible comfort, luxury and tranquility. This truly is a little jewel tucked away in a tropical garden that is literally just steps from the vast waters. It is located on “Atlantic Boulevard” – rightly named for it’s position on the Atlantic Ocean – and is the realized vision of owners Capt. Steve and Kayla Kessler. They not only operate this b&b, they also designed, built and currently maintain the property.

Steve and Kayla surely know how to keep their guests happy and entertained. Not only will you have the luxury to enjoy both the grounds and its surroundings, you’ll also be taken snorkelling and even have dinner prepared for you from your very own fresh water catch by these owners.

If that doesn’t sell this inn in the edge of the ocean, then perhaps a list of awards that the Atlantis House has been given over the last few years will convince you. The Mayors Committee awarded the Atlantis House as the cleanest and greenest business in Key West. In 2011 and 2012, it was award the “Top 10 in the United States” from put this inn in the “Top 10 In Florida”, and from 2009 to 2012, it was awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” From TripAdvisor Business.

Discover the Keys in Florida like never before with luxurious accommodations at the Atlantis House in Key West.

About Key West, FL

Key West is the southernmost point of the United States, and boasts tropical weather that attracts millions of tourists every year. Considering its location, climate and amenities, the lys are the perfect place for water sports, diving, fishing and beach vacations. As a popular tourist site, the nightlife is quite lively, and the historic sites scattered throughout this southern tip of Florida attracts many visitors.

For those looking for lively entertainment, Duval Street is the perfect spot. It boasts a line of shops, bars, eateries and cafes. One of the more popular places to hang out is Sloppy Joe’s, a favourite of famous novelist Ernest Hemingway. For those who are more into the artistic side, there is the famous Ernest Hemingway Home and museum to discover.

Walking tours are one of the best ways top truly discover what Key West has to offer. Take a scenic stroll along the famous palm-lined streets and marvel at the glorious mansions and tin-roof conch houses. Many tours are offered to those interested in checking out the city’s courtyards, lush gardens and historic architecture. This architecture dates back to the Kings of Spain, which can explain the Spanish style buildings that are adorned throughout the Keys.

In addition to walking tours, feel free to choose other methods of transportation to see the city, including pedi-cabs, tour trains, trolleys and even bicycles.

Only in Key West does the sun actually shine brightest when it sets. In fact, the Sunset Celebration on the Mallory Dock is an activity that everyone gathers for to marvel at such a sight.

Once the sun sets, a whole different city comes alive. Streets are lined with all sorts of entertainment, including jugglers, mimes and musicians to give the city a new beat to move to. Key West is an absolute must see, and is a vacate spot that you need to add to your bucket list, if it’s not on there already!

A Popular Local Business in Key West – The Green Parrot

As lively as Key West is once the sun sets, it’s only fitting that a popular business that local and tourists alike enjoy visiting is The Green Parrot restaurant and bar. So popular is this bar that it has been featured in many magazines as one of the best bars in the U.S.

The Green Parrot actually has a rich history. It was a place for the Navy to hang out, as well as for fisherman to unwind. Jim Bean and his wife Linda bought The Green Parrot in 1983, and the place has been a staple of the community ever since. For 20 years now, the is place has become a beloved place for locals and tourists to hang out, enjoy the scenery, and just hang out with friends, old and new. Jim and Linda developed a deep love for their rowdy saloon, filled with fun and boisterous clientele that makes every visit a fun and exciting one. There’s no shortage of entertainment and music here, with acts performing on stage on specific nights, and music from jukeboxes swirling about. After you’ve enjoyed your meal, grab a game of pool with your buddies, or simply sit back and listen to the laughter fill the room.

John Vagnoni and Pat Croce eventually took over The Green Parrot in 2011, and inherited a place scull of spirit. Visitors of all walks of life gather at The Green Parrot for a good meal, or just to come together to enjoy each other;’s company in a happy and up-beat setting. This place is more than just a bar – it’s an icon for Key West.

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