Snapchat Sexing 101: What You Need To Know

Snapchat Sexing 101: What You Need To Know

Snapcaht Sexting is a fun but dangerous game, many things that can go wrong if sexting is not properly executed.  There is always a fear for both men and women that your sexing is not on par and you will scare off the other party. When you send nudes you will feel slightly anxious at first, but this guide is about helping you take the perfect nudes so you can impress your significant other.

Using the tight lighting

Using the right lighting is crucial when Snapchat sexing, it literally makes all the difference in the world. When you are using Snapchat to take nudes make sure you are in a well-lit room. The light should be coming from the top of the room, but having side light is also recommended. If you have blinds make sure you open them to let the side light hit you in all the right places (just make sure no-one can see you. However, make sure the lighting is not too bright and makes you look overexposed, it’s more about the angle of the light than the brightness. I recommend you install a light dimmer to improve your sexting game.

Choose the right partner

When Snapcaht sexting makes sure you are doing it with the right person. It’s important that you trust this person and they trust you. Sexting Snapchat nudes the wrong person can cause you to stress about about and fear your nudes will get leaked. If you are looking for someone you can trust head over to to find a qualified Snapcaht nude sexting partner. The number one resource for finding verified horny girls

Make it fun

Don’t just send plane boring photos, out junk is not that exciting to look at. Use the Snapchat in-app features and emojis to make your nude sexting more exciting and interesting. I like to use the pen tool to draw funny things all over my boob photos.  You can also use emojis to hide part of your junk and tease your partner a little. Everyone like a little tease.

Take your time

Nobody likes to receive a dick pic with no warning. Use a little seduction for crying out lout. Make sure you text your partner subtle but flirty messages and work up to a more naught Snapchat sext. If you are texting a female, you want to avoid sending your junk until she feels really horny, otherwise, her mind will reject it. I recommend sexting for a solid hour before you decide to lay out your “eggplant” on the screen.


Final Thoughts

Sexting doesn’t have to be nervewracking. It can be a fun and exhilarating experice that can add a lot of value to your sex life if done in the right lighting, the right partner, right moment. Make sure you warm up and practice your photo taking sills before you decide to sext with your partner. Always remember to seduce and tease before you send a photo of your junk.



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